Janice Pini

I have enjoyed creating art from when I was a young girl. I took a long break from art to raise my two kids and pursue my career in software development. After retiring, I returned to my artistic pursuits, exploring the mediums of pastel, graphite, oil, watercolor and polymer clay. I enjoy recreating the wonders of nature and the personal intimacy of portraiture. Capturing the beauty of the natural world or portraying the emotions of the moment as expressed in a glance or a setting is a joy. I try to show what impressed me about the scene, what stuck with me after I left the actual location. This could be the grandeur of the American Southwest or the intense concentration of a little boy playing in the sand. I constantly strive to have the viewers of my artwork feel as if they have entered into the scenes I have depicted.

I also do website development for artists and other purposes, including my own site at www.janpini.com. I am a member of several local, regional and national art leagues, including Pastel Society of America, Pittsburgh Society of Artists, Pittsburgh Watercolor Society, Pittsburgh Pastel Artists League, South Arts and McMurray Art League where I serve as Treasurer and Webmaster.



Box 246

Lemont, PA 16851

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