Shirley Vogelsong

Painting has been a lifelong passion for Shirley. She has taken many classes throughout the years, studying such varied media as oils, watercolor, ink, and Chinese traditional painting. It wasn't until 2002, when she was introduced to pastel painting at the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania, that she discovered what has become her most fun and fascinating painting medium. It was awesome to have this wide selection of pastel colors at her fingertips to blend and shape into creatively realistic paintings.

Her love of nature and animals often results in works that capture local scenes and friends' pets. Sometimes the end result combines her favorite subject matter--that golden retriever in the field of flowers or on the autumnal path most likely is her own! Shirley paints in her studio, primarily from photographs that she takes, but she also enjoys the challenge of painting "en plein air."

"God has blessed me with this wonderful gift of painting and I like sharing it with others. To see a dog or cat come to life on a piece of paper and almost feel their breath as I paint is a gift that I cherish. It is a wonderful way to shut out problems of the day and just concentrate on emerging colors flowing on paper."



Box 246

Lemont, PA 16851

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