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Meet the Members

Marilyn Bok, Sayre PA Marilyn Bok does not have a formal art education background. In 2001 she took her first drawing and painting lessons from Gary Watson, who is a portrait artist and former illustrator with thirty-nine years of professional experience. She has taken workshops from such artists as Daniel Greene (one week portrait workshop), Alain Pickard (one 2-day and one 3-day portrait workshop), and Robert Carsten (3-day landscape workshop). She has attended two IPS meetings where she has participated in workshops presented by Judith Carducci, Richard McKinley, Albert Handel and Doug Dawson. In addition, she participated in a one week painting workshop held in Oaxaca, Mexico put on by the Concord, MA Arts Society. What she finds most interesting are people and enjoys capturing and recreating special moments in their lives. Her family members have served as models for her paintings. She especially enjoys doing portraits of children. “Children are so unassuming and give us that sense of wonder we seem to lose as we age,” she says. She looks for those moments that put a smile on your face when you think of your own childhood memories. She believes a great portrait is not only a perfect likeness of the subject, but it also reveals the character, or inner story of the individual and his or her personal style. She is fascinated by color and the play of light across an image or object. Through her interest in gardening, she has found painting flowers challenging. She looks for inspiration from the flowers painted by Georgia O’Keeffe Bok’s desire in portraiture is to continue to create the best possible paintings of her models in the tradition and style of the old masters. The uniqueness of a person and her traditional realistic style creates a timeless portrait of that individual and hopefully helps tell their story. Bok is a member of the Pastel Society of New Hampshire, Valley Fine Arts Society, the Tioga County Council of the Arts, and the Senior Arts Society. Her work is regularly displayed at the Senior Art Gallery, Towanda Hospital, Marlene’s Flower and Gift Shop, and the Sayre Theater.

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