Still Life Paint-Around

There will be a Still Life Paint-Around on Sunday February 12, 1:30pm, followed by a brief meeting at 3:00pm.

Those of you not familiar with a "paint-around", essentially there will be a few still lifes set up. Three or four artists will arrange their respective easels around a still life and begin a painting for 15 minutes. At the end of fifteen minutes, each artist rotates to the easel on the left. Again, each artist paints for 15 minutes and then rotates to the left. This continues until each artist has returned to his/her original easel. The resulting paintings are a unique collaborative piece, bearing all the imprints of each participating artist while still bearing the essence of the originating artist. So-- bring your painting materials and easels and we will have several still life stations set up for this fun event.

Located at the Best Western on Shiloh Road in State College.