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September 2018 National Artist Workshop

About the Workshop

Instructor: Lisa Mitchell

Dates: September 21-23, 2018

Course Description: When beginning a pastel painting, one of the questions to be answered is, “What color and value lies underneath?” This is an important step in pastel painting the landscape that should be thoughtfully considered. Learning to develop a progression from the under-painting to layering one color over another—while considering the amount of pressure of a stick of pigment—is essential to discovering the true beauty of this medium. Students will experiment with exercises designed to develop sensitivity to the “touch” of pastel.

Daily Agenda: Each morning, the Instructor will provide a demonstration along with a discussion of the daily agenda.

In the afternoon, students will then work either in the classroom or outdoors experimenting with the painting concepts discussed that morning. Setting the maximum student number to 15 will ensure that the instructor will be able to engage each student at their easel several times throughout the afternoon. Weather conditions may prohibit outdoor painting, so students should bring reference materials to be used indoors.

At the end of the third day, we’ll close with a group critique and have a question and answer discussion.

About Registration

Fee: $400 for CPPS members. After January 15, 2018, registration opens to non-CPPS members for $435.

Deposit of $100 can be mailed to PO Box 246, Lemont, PA 16851. Spot won't be reserved until deposit is received.

Balance must be paid in full by July 21.

Refund policy: Should CPPS have to cancel, all monies will be returned. Should participant have to cancel, CPPS will keep 30% of the $100 deposit.

Register here.

There will be a free demonstration open to the public at 7:00, Thursday, Sept. 20th at Rhoneymeade Sculpture Garden and Arboretum

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