2020 Members Showcase

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Virginia Belser

State College, PA

Michelle Bereczki

Doylestown, PA

Deborah Cowder

Cumberland, Maryland

Suzanne Desarbo

Centre Hall, PA

Jill Foster

Pleasant Gap, PA

Marianne Fyda

Troutville, PA

Kim Gates Flick

PA Wilds: Northern Frontier

Susan Nicholas Gephart

Bellefonte, PA

Peggy Gladys

Covington Township, PA

Teresa Lazo

Camp Hill, PA

Stacy Mayou

Rochester, NY

Jeanne McKinney

State College, PA

Roxy Naydan

State College, PA

Brooke Peters

Huntingdon, PA

Denise Wagner

Pennsylvania Furnace, PA

Shirley Vogelsong

State College, PA


Box 246

Lemont, PA 16851

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