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Fond CPPS Memories

by Susan Nicholas Gephart, CPPS Vice-President


Central PA Pastel Society is an organization deep with history. When I look back through my photo documentations, I see we have so many stories to tell about the adventures we have had as a group. Through the years we have painted at beautiful and unique locations for plein air events and activities. Our winter painting-ins were a favorite gathering with potluck meals and plenty of personal pastel time to just play and converse with friends. Over the years we also had a Member Instructor series of teachings, as well as yearly world renowned instructors for workshops. Many of our CPPS members have won awards through the years across the country. A few of our members have been acknowledged pastelists in shows with the Pastel Society of America. Needless to say, our members have a rich devotion and love of the pastel medium! 

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