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2023 Monthly Slideshow Challenge

Congratulations to the Third Quarter Prize Winner: Jill Foster

 September Challenge: Self Portrait 

 August Challenge: Time and Space 

 July Challenge: Celebration 

Congratulations to the Second Quarter Prize Winner: Shirley Vogelsong

 June Challenge: Sunrise/Sunset/Nocturn 

 May Challenge: Flowers 

 April: Fish 

April is the beginning of fishing season here in PA. We could paint fish of any size, shape or color, and fish in tanks or fish in seas or ponds.

Congratulations to the First Quarter Prize Winner: Denise Wagner

 March: Birds 

This month we were invited to paint birds of any kind, color, or size. They could be perched or parched or resting or nesting or flying away.

 February: Warm 

February's challenge was to think of all things warm. What might be warm? A furry kitten or rabbit? A hug from a friend or loved one? A color like red? A mug of chocolate? A sunny day in San Diego? We were told to enjoy the warm feelings that come from creating art. 

 January: Then and Now 

The challenge for January was to find a painting we did back "then" near the beginning of our art journey, and during January, create a similar painting for a "now" version. After we painted the new version, we studied the paintings side by side and answered these questions: What changes do you see in your work? What one change has been the most noticeable or meaningful? Do you have a definite style now? 

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