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Karen Margulis PSA IAPS-MC
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Current Members

Belser, Virginia *

Brack, Marcy

Braught, Annette

Crane, Anna

Clarendon, Mary Ann

Desarbo, Suzanne

Dyer, Leslie

Foster, Jill *

Fox, Gail

Fralick, Valerie

Fyda, Marianne *

Gallagher,  Alicia

Gates Flick, Kim

Gephart, Susan Nicholas *

Gladys, Peggy

Gobeille, Betty

Godlove, Donna

Harkleroad, Diane

Heath, Jessica

Kelsey, Alice *

Kenyon, Anne *

King, Erica

Klinger, Peggy

Lanzendorfer, Daryl

Lazo, Teresa

Leasure, Judy *

Lehman, Sylvia

Mayou, Stacy

McCauley, Bill

McCartney, Susan

McDannel, Pat *

McKinney, Jeanne *

Mitchell, Donna

Muffie-Witt, Kathleen *

Naydan, Roxanne

Peters, Brook

Pini, Janice

Rohrer-Dann, Mary

Sheerin, Janie

Shuey, Jennifer *

Smith, Candace

Spitler, Theresa

Sweeney, Bill

Taylor, Leigh

Trask, Milton R

Tritt, James

Turner, Joanne M

van Ogtrop, Connie

Vogelsong, Shirley

Wagner, Denise

White, Hilary

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