Kathleen Muffie-Witt

I danced through childhood excited for art. I made Mother’s and Father’s Day cards, fell in love with colored pencils and daydreamed in the fields. I convinced myself that I would be a great teacher of art and skipped through college but never made a real commitment to art.

I became a medical illustrator because I always loved the figure. I became an interior designer for the passion of color and I would knit fabric every night to satisfy my addiction to texture. But I felt as if my dancing was always in a tight constricting circle.

My transformation began when I touched up my first pastel. I felt an explosion of color and the lushness of texture. I was able to use the pastel to express my feeling for the face and figure and most recently the landscape. I had found my medium. So I dance to the music of pastel, to nature, to people and to life. Who knows what the steps will be but I do know something amazing will happen.


Enjoy my art.


Box 246

Lemont, PA 16851

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