CPPS 2017 Shows & Registration

The exhibition committee is planning to hold two shows in 2017. One will be a member show and the other will be a juried show. August - juried show at the Station Gallery in Lock Haven - August 11-September 3 October - member show - (not juried) at the State College Framing Company Juried Show Registration Form Location: the Station Gallery in Lock Haven, 2 East Bald Eagle Street, Lock Haven PA - August 11-September 3 http://www.stationgalleryccac.org/ Specific information concerning the Juried Show in Lock Haven below: Image Entries Due: June 30th Send 3 images to Station Gallery (more info later on the email entry CPPS will design ) Not Allowed: Paintings done in a workshop or under the

Tips for Painting Outdoors

Like the Boy Scout motto, " Be Prepared", you, as a plein air painter, must also remember to prepare wisely and to expect the unexpected! If you enjoy painting outdoors, you must think and plan ahead for your painting trip and carefully choose where you wish to paint and then check your surroundings. Always research your location before you pack in order to understand what types of bugs or snakes live in the locale. Pack a small first aid kit with Benadryl for insect swelling and a sting stick for itchy bug bites. With the serious concerns of ticks, spray long pants and clothing with repellent. Consider wearing white long sleeves and white pants to easily see "hot spots" and carry

Pastellus: Focus Part 1

Let’s face it, finding time to painting is hard. It doesn’t matter if you work full-time, part-time or not at all, have toddlers, teenagers or no kids. It’s difficult to make time to paint. To put in the amount of time it takes to actually become a better painter. No matter what the end goals might be, showing, selling or improving as an artist; none of us feel like we have enough time to paint. Therefore, the time we do get to spend painting shouldn’t be aimless. Time spent painting should be productive and most of all enjoyable. With a little focus - forethought and planning - we can make our time painting a positive experience. Here are a few ideas to help make your time at the ea

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