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We conclude our introduction of The Principles of Organization with the consideration of Dominance, Movement and Economy. *Please see archived newsletters for previous topics. The Principles of Organization: These are the principles that guide the employment of the elements in achieving unity within the visual arts: Harmony Variety Balance Proportion Dominance Movement Economy Last month, we ended with the idea of Proportion being so innate with our sense of seeing that it is worthy of separate investigation in regard to each of the other principles. Let’s hold that line of thinking in consideration of Dominance and the remaining principles. Dominance is defined as the importance assi

Pastellus: Abstract Origins

I continue to stand at my easel and create the same type of landscapes I have been creating. I don’t seem to be improving or evolving. So I set out to read what other artists do to create fresh works of art; hoping for inspiration, guidance and support to stay the course as an artist. What I found was abstract art. Karen Margulis talks often about the importance of doing a value study before you paint in “A Tip for More Painterly Paintings”. Mary Bentz Wilkerson talks about simplifying value and shape in her article, “Five Common Composition and Design Problems”. Liz Haywood-Sullivan talks in-depth about value and composition in her You Tube video, “Preview these Composition Tips fo

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