Thoughts from the Studio: Packing a Painting for Shipping

Several years ago, I prepared a presentation for a CPPS meeting on: “How to Pack a Painting for Shipping”. I am updating this presentation and including “How Much it Costs”! Read all the information regarding shipping that comes from the exhibitor. You may need to contact the shipper; you may need to provide a return address label, a prepaid return shipping label etc. If you need to provide documents or labels that need to be in the box get them ready first. Get a box that is both strong enough and big enough, allow several inches of clearance all around your painting. Mark your box with an up arrow, and as you proceed keep marking each step with the up arrow. To begin the wrap: (Most of t

Pastellus: Just Start

About a year ago, while talking with Susan Nicholas-Gephart she mentioned that she paints plein air in the winter. So in awe of this woman! She is the boss - painting plein air in the winter. As I questioned her further she revealed that she paints in her car. Pure genius I say! It is important to paint from life and on location, this is how we learn to see. The practice of seeing makes us better artists. Wether we create masterpieces on location or just initial sketches to be used in the studio, from life is so much better than a reference photo when possible. So Susan’s tid bit of information has been on my mind, stirring often, while I explore plein air painting. Each time I attempt

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