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I am so excited to start the January daily painting challenge. If you’re like me, you are known in your family or circle as ‘the creative one’. Well intentioned family and friends assume I can paint anything at the drop of a hat or that I can paint anything well at the drop of a hat. The reality is I can’t and don’t. I feel I have to be in the right mindset to create. I have to know what I want to paint. I have to be inspired by the concept, image or idea to paint. I worry about my ability to render and my technical ability with the pastels. I also struggle with guilt. I am not a known artist. I do not make money at my art. I don’t get accepted into juried shows. My paintings aren’t

January CPPS Pastel Class

Starting January 9th and every Tuesday afternoon in January from 1pm-4pm, a pastel class will be offered at the Art Alliance. This will be a four week class and each week a different member of the CPPS will teach an afternoon session in their specialty. Tentative schedule below: Jan 09 Pastel Principles: Still Life with Marianne Fyda Jan 16 Pastel Perspectives: Landscape with Susan Nicholas Gephart Jan 23 Pastel Plus: Mixed-media with Anne Kenyon Jan 30 Pastel Poses: Figure with Kim Gates Flick Everyone is invited to enroll. Bring a friend. Beginners welcome. Enjoy 4 afternoons of camaraderie, experimenting and playing with pastels. Registrations will be taken by the Art Allia

January Challenge

I'm hoping you will become curious, become playful, become adventurous and take the challenge. Grow---Change---Re-imagine. 7 day challenge January 1 through the 7th 14 day challenge January 1 through the 14th 21 day challenge January 1 through the 21st 31 day challenge January 1 through the 31st Please consider joining the January Challenge. There are many time options available and you can even create your own option if none of those presented fit your needs. This is an opportunity to experiment, take what you've learned and work in a new direction and most importantly, to have fun doing it. If interested, click here. **In order for me to keep track of everyone's chosen week/s

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