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Meet the Members: Susan McCartney

I am treasurer for this great group. I guess it was sort of natural for me to become treasurer since I have a Business Degree from Bucknell. My business experience includes owning a needle point and knitting yarn shop; where I designed sweaters and needlepoint canvases. I have worked in the commercial real estate business and finally as County Commissioner in Mifflin County for eight years. I have two daughters also Bucknell grads and two grandsons. Porter will be starting University of Kentucky in the fall and CJ is currently a freshman in high school. CJ has been making art since he as 8 years old and Porter is starting to paint. Both boys frequently send me images of their art work. Great fun for Grandma!! My first experience with drawing and painting was at Bucknell but because I was not an art major the Prof was anything but encouraging. So……about ten years later my husband with the encouragement from an artist friend, gave me an easel, canvases and many paints and brushes for Christmas. So I became what I call a “recreational artist” only in it for my own enjoyment. I took many classes in California and Ohio. After retiring, I took classes in the “Go 60” Program from PSU and then really began enjoying my hobby and working in pastels. Kim Gates Flick was one of those instructors and she suggested I join CPPS. What a great group of artists!!! I like painting from old photos that my dad took in his early years as a poultryman and those wonderful family photos from the 50’s. I am a bit nostalgic. I also like painting animals. I keep busy by giving tours at the Palmer Museum as a docent. The professors direct the subjects for the tours; I have had some fun times with the students. These tours range from the topic of “heart stopping romance” to works built around “found objects” or the latest new thing. A perk for being a docent allows me to audit art history classes, which I really enjoy. This coming year I will become part of the executive committee for the docents. Somewhere I read a person may have as many as eight careers in their life. My final “career” is art in its many forms and loving every minute of it.

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