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Mike Beeman Summary and Participant Comments

The Mike Beeman workshop was a great success. It is a testament to how good Mike was as an instructor that we had one person who was scheduled for one day and after the first day, she changed her registration and stayed for all three days. He shared a lot of really good information and some wonderful paintings came out of the workshop. We were pleased to have several people who came from out of the area, including New Jersey, Maryland, and Massachusetts, because Mike doesn’t travel to the east coast very often. Everyone enjoyed the weekend, we had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Denise Wagner had this to say. "I was at the Mike Beeman workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He is an exceptional artist with a charming personality. I especially liked his bird paintings. I bought one he painted at the workshop. I am getting it framed now." Marianne Fyda's comments: "Mike Beeman gave us a wonderful workshop. His demos were amazing and just as beautiful as the images on his website. Mike does things with Canson paper that I thought were impossible. Before he begins a painting he makes numerous, usually six, small color sketches on Canson, trying out a variety of color variations. He selects his favorite from the sketches and does a quick 6 x 8 sketch on Canson, followed by the finale on La Carte paper by Sennelier.He begins a painting with a few lines, dots, or marks that help him position his image on the paper. He follows this with massed areas of value, and then color. He works all around his composition, developing both positive and negative space together. He is an “intuitive” painter, not a painter who starts in one corner and works down. He uses a small piece of foam pipe insulation to blend, subtract, or soften and area.Mike develops the image gently and really know when to stop."

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