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WatercolorPastel Workshop Wrap up

Six people attended the recent workshop "Watercolor and Pastel" sponsored and organized by the CPPS education committee and featuring award winning watercolor artist Brienne Brown. Brienne, who recently won an award at the "Easels in Frederick" Plein Air event and is featured in an article in November's Plein Air magazine, conducted a paint along for the participants. Brienne emphasized the importance of values and the use of colorful greys in creating a believable painting. She demonstrated how to control the amount of pigment and water to achieve the desired effect. Learning to judge the pigment to water ratio from thin, runny "tea" to thick "butter" allows for the value range and control evident in her paintings. Brienne was a dynamic teacher and offered much useful information on painting, applicable across media. After lunch, Anne Kenyon demonstrated using watercolor as an underpainting on Art Spectrum Supertooth paper and discussed the possibilities of adding pastel to the watercolors created in the morning. Participants worked on their paintings in the time remaining and hopefully left the workshop with new skills and possibilities for future paintings.

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