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Meet the Members - Pamela Johnson

As an artist I enjoy being immersed in the moment of nature with the landscape. I have always been inspired by the Impressionistic era capturing the experience of the scene and 'being in the moment' of the artistic creation. It has been my passion to hike the California and Oregon areas of nature experiencing the quiet peacefulness of the land. It is my escape from the chaotic world that is around me. The more that I have spent in nature, the more I attempt to see the texture of a gold field of wildflowers, the calligraphy of a moving tree or the vast great rock masses of mountains. I work in sketchbooks and watercolors capturing a spontaneity. I have enjoyed pastels for many years in my figure drawings and as a painterly medium in my studio. I started my art career attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA and graduated in 1977 with an associate degree in Commercial Art. My ambition as an artist expanded further when I decided to attend Parsons School of Design, NY, graduated with a Bachelors in Illustration in 1985. I worked for about five years in New Jersey for an educational children publisher before I ventured out to California in 1989. During my professional years as a freelance Illustrator in California my work involved a variety of projects that involved magazine articles, software projects, and cross stitch designer using my illustration skills. I began to think about the direction of my career in my 40's and became interested in the field of therapeutic arts with traumatized children. I began to work as an art activity therapist at a residential treatment facility and non public school setting for emotionally disturbed children/adolescent from 2000-2005. It was rewarding and challenging to help children/adolescents in the inner city area of Oakland, CA teaching techniques, inspiring them with their creativity and managing the children when triggered of trauma. This inspired me to obtain a Masters in Psychology with a certificate in expressive arts at John F. Kennedy University, CA, 2005. Since then I have been a licensed therapist treating children/adolescent, families and adults. With younger children I use the expressive arts as a healing process in therapy. I look forward to encouraging others in what will bring clarity and healing in therapy. During my spare time when I am not working I am creating art. I have grown to like pastels attempting to taking risks and learn new techniques. While Nature inspires in me the creative process, it also provides for me a pure balance and rejuvenates my spirit in the difficult field that I work in as a therapist. I recently relocated to Pennsylvania in June 2015 and so now I get to explore the nature around me and work with a whole new changing palette of colors.

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