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Pastel Powerful - Member-Led Workshop

An Exciting New Workshop - A sensational member-led workshop has "popped up" for the 11th of March. This workshop features CPPS members, Kim Gates Flick and Debbie Decker. In this workshop they team up to pair artistic and creative musing activities with mindful meditative exercises. Debbie is a certified yoga instructor/ pastel artist and Kim is visual arts instructor and perennial favorite for creative exploration. It is a day filled with activities specifically chosen for the working artist to cultivate greater creative awareness. Debbie will help members identify ways they might prevent pain and fatigue in their personal practices through yoga body movements. In other sessions, Kim will combine art and healing into creative and stimulating art projects for everyone to enjoy. Don't miss out on the fun! Sign up now for the best deal of the year...a WOW workshop for only $35 for the day. Come to the Harris Township Community Center in Boalsburg with your art supplies, your lunch, your beverage and your "can do" attitude and you'll be guaranteed a great day. The time is short for enrolling in this workshop, so email Kim right away if you don't want to miss out on a wonderful new and creative workshop. After you register with Kim, you will be sent the agenda and supply list for the workshop.

Directions: At the light by the church and cemetery on Rt. 45, turn to enter the village of Boalsburg At the stop sign on the village square, turn left onto Main Street Go straight until you see the Academy St. sign on your right Turn right Go straight until you see the church/community center on your right

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