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Pastellus: Challenging

Participating in a CPPS daily painting challenge is worth overcoming whatever obstacles you have in order to be able to spend a few minutes at the easel everyday. If you have not had the opportunity to participate in one of these challenges, I am challenging you to participate in the next one. The benefits for participation can not be overstated. Daily Painting - You are a member of CPPS because you enjoy the pastel medium. Thus, I will assume you use pastels to create images. I will also assume that when you are creating or finished creating you conclude to paint and create more often because it feels so good and you know that practice makes perfect. Camaraderie - Participating in a challenge brings you closer to other CPPS members. You begin to recognize and appreciate participants artwork and their insight and suggestions. You share the struggles and joys associated with making art. You connect with each other. Safety - These closed group challenges are safe places to share your work. Art isn’t shared openly without permission. Participants are supportive of each other. Everyone understands the challenge of daily painting and the struggle of creating. Accountability - As a participant you are expected to post a daily painting with insight into how it was created and your thoughts on the piece. You are also expected to give feedback to others on their daily painting. Feedback can be questions or thoughts and suggestions. Knowing that your participation is expected and desired drives you to be present. Uplifting - Challenge participants want to hear from you. Beginner or professional, participants want to see what you have been able to create, hear your thoughts on what you created and perhaps most importantly want to hear your thoughts and suggestions on their creations. It is as close to working together in a studio daily as you can get without travel! Inspirational - Viewing participants daily work, hearing them discuss technique and best practices will inspire you to try new things. Challenge participants encourage experimentation both technical and stylistic. Camaraderie - Yes, this one needs to be repeated! After completing a challenge you feel you belong to a group you can reach out to if you need feedback, suggestions or technical help. Participants continue to encourage each other and are hopeful for each other's success. Get information about the upcoming challenge above and please join us in January. As a member of CPPS, I personally would love to know and experience each of you by your work. I would appreciate your feedback, technical advice and artistic touch. Thank you for reading and I would love to hear from you

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