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January Challenge

December 27, 2017

I'm hoping you will become curious, become playful, become adventurous and take the challenge.  Grow---Change---Re-imagine.
  • 7 day challenge     January 1 through the 7th

  • 14 day challenge   January 1 through the 14th

  • 21 day challenge   January 1 through the 21st

  • 31 day challenge   January 1 through the 31st

Please consider joining the January Challenge. There are many time options available and you can even create your own option if none of those presented fit your needs. This is an opportunity to experiment, take what you've learned and work in a new direction and most importantly, to have fun doing it.

If interested, click here.  **In order for me to keep track of everyone's chosen week/s, I will need every participant to click the link and fill out the form. If you have trouble using the link, email me at

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