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How to Trace a photo, enlarge it, and transfer it to some good paper for painting/drawing

I used this photo of the Amaryllis with the Juan Gris poster in the background. This is an 8 X 10 inch photo. I covered this photo with a piece of clear acetate, actually, an 8.5 X 11 inch transparency. I used a Pigma marker, .02, to trace all of the important shapes and lines. I made sure I had all of the lines I needed by sliding a blank sheet of paper under the acetate . I marked the lower right hand corner of the tracing with an "R" for "right side". (To avoid copying my drawing in reverse). I laid the transparency on a copier and made a paper copy. I divided the paper copy into four quadrants by bisecting the 8 X 10 with both vertical and horizontal lines. The four quadrants were labeled A, B, C and D. I placed this copy on the copier and enlarged each quadrant at a time. I determined the percentage amount of enlargement by determining just how large I wanted the final picture to be. I enlarged each section, A - D, till I had all of the four corners the right size. I set these fours pieces on a cutting board, I cut the first on the bisecting lines and proceeded to put the picture back together again. Pictured to the left is my pasted up copy, taped to my cutting board, covered with a large sheet of tracing paper. I then retraced the resized drawing with a Sharpie. When the tracing was complete, I selected a sheet of pastel paper, centered my drawing on it, and anchored the tracing paper with paper weights. Using an appropriate color of transfer paper, I began to transfer the sketch to the paper. (The white paper in this picture is transfer paper). Periodically, I peeked under the tracing and transfer papers to make sure my design was coming through.

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