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Pastel Passion - Connected

2018 CPPS Member-led Workshop

Harris Twp. Community Building

130 S. Academy St, Boalsburg, PA 16827

24 MARCH 2018 (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM)

“Passion. Connected,” the motto of this year’s Winter Olympics lends inspiration to this year’s CPPS member-led workshop. We adopt this state of mind that champions a world in which everyone is connected with a shared passion; not as athletes, but as artists, with a shared passion for pastels. This winter, CPPS held a new class at the Art Alliance, called: A PASTEL PREMIERE. Three different teaching members presented: Personal practice, basic strokes, techniques and skills for a specific genre as unique to pastel medium. This workshop distills the January offering into this one-day-intensive for CPPS members and invited guests to experience: “Pastel Passion – Connected."

Workshop fee: $35.00

Contact Anne Kenyon,, to sign up. Send checks to PO Box 246, Lemont, PA 16851

Tentative Agenda

8:00am Pre-Event Education Committee, Instructors; Open Building, Workshop set-up

8:30am Sign-In CPPS Members & Guests; Set-up (any bookkeeping business)

8:50am Opening Welcome: Introductions with CPPS Education Committee

9:00am Session I Pastel Perspectives: Landscapes with Susan Nicholas Gephart

Discover how to use expressive color to capture the essence of mood and atmosphere in sky, water, and more. Learn to see the depth of color utilizing various methods, including the use of colored papers by Canson in a hands-on activity of individual inspiration from personally-chosen reference images.

10:30am Break Transition time between sessions; Independent Studies

11:00am Session II Pastel Plus: Mixed-media with Anne Kenyon

Explore a variety of media, methods and materials for extending the pastel medium as a means of adding interest to the final piece. Learn ways of using an underpainting as a set-up for working out the composition, values and colors. At its most basic, an underpainting can be a preliminary drawing that gets refined and worked over into the final painting. Members will have the opportunity to try out different media and different papers.

12:30pm Break Transition time/Social Luncheon; Independent Studies

1:30pm Session III Pastel Poses: Figurative Forms with Kim Gates Flick

Express yourself while discovering DIY approaches for improving skill set and practicing figure studies without a model. Expressionism is a great means of investigating intuitive communication of non-verbal emotion; contrasting what is seen with what is felt, thereby, creating new forms of representation.

3:00pm Closing Passion – Connected: Discussion with CPPS Members & Guests

Independent Inspirations & artwork

4:00pm Departure Session Ends: Members clean-up; Lock-up (any housekeeping business)

CPPS List of Suggested Supplies *Some paper and pastels may be furnished as sample products and to try various applications Participants should bring their own pastels and supplies to facilitate individual manner of working

  1. Personal art supplies* - pastels, papers, etc.

  2. Personally-chosen reference imagery, (printed photos)

  3. A small set of watercolors (for underpaintings)

  4. Cover-up to protect your clothes…i.e. smock, apron, etc.

  5. An old terrycloth hand towel

  6. Paper Towels / Wet One wipes

  7. Something rigid to attach your paper to like a drawing board, foam core, old 16 X 20 canvas panel, etc.

  8. Masking tape and/or large binder clips to hold the paper on the board

  9. Kneaded eraser

  10. Pencil

  11. Sketchbook / Notepaper to make notes

  12. Permanent marker, like a sharpie brand

  13. Optional items:

  14. Clear rubber gloves

  15. Color wheel

  16. Stiff bristle brush

  17. Tracing paper, to protect artwork

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