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I just noticed in the most recent issue of the Pastel Journal a featured article on Maria Marino. Maria was in our pastel workshop with Terri Ford out at David Corneal’s facility [McCann Art School] in the woods. Good artist who made the Journal.

Rochester Art Supply News

Mike, owner of Rochester Art Supply, has informed us that Terry Ludwig has sold his pastel business to his son, and the 2017 prices have gone up, up, up!. So, if you like Ludwig pastels, order them before the end of the year. He also said that the 90 pc. green set is being discontinued. Again, if you want that set of greens, order right away. Mike also said that his Black Friday offer for the 2 sets of Rembrandt pastels [half price] will hold as long as he has them in stock. Rembrandt 120 pc Half stick set Rembrandt 60 pc full stick set Mike will give free shipping to CPPS members on any order over $50 to the end of the year. Just write "free shipping per mike." Furniture is exclu

Pastellus: A Real Challenge

In December it is hard to see January coming at us. It always happens, on December 27th we bolt upright in bed at 4:03am, breathing heavy, sweating a little - the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge starts in 5 days and we aren’t ready. So much to do; need adequate supplies on hand, plenty of study images and of course coffee and massive quantities of chocolate. Then, January 1st, we roll out of bed at 8:35, head pounding, stiff, in a fog. All we can think about is eggs on toast with mayonnaise and cheese - lots of cheese. By 2pm the fog is lifting and we realize we have to go back to work tomorrow; the house is a disaster, half Christmas leftovers, half New Years Eve dishes, and a basket full

Opportunities in CPPS

Have you been wondering how you might contribute to CPPS? Are you looking for avenues to participate in a deeper, more meaningful way? If so, please consider the following opportunities and let Virginia ( know of your interest: Available now: VICE-PRESIDENT The Vice-President: Presides at meetings and assumes other duties as necessary when the president is absent and unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities. Assists in coordinating and publicizing the Pastel Society’s activities and exhibits. Assists the president in managing publicity and related public relations activities for special events and exhibits. Available in the near future (current Secretary is tending to an inf

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