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Jeanne McKinney's painting, “Sea View from Old Head Cliffs, County Cork”, was selected for the Pastel Society of America’s St. Patrick’s Day online Holiday Art Show. The selected pastel work is emailed to 1700 Pastel Society of America subscribers and posted on the PSA Facebook page. Also, the painting “Whitehead and Gull Cove, Monhegan Island, Maine” has been accepted into the 2020 Central Adirondack Art Show Online from the View in Old Forge, New York. The exhibition runs from April 25th through May 31, 2020.


The Importance of Thick Skin by Stacy Mayou Hard to believe it is May, it seems like some surreal world where time is moving and standing still at once. I hope you are all well, healthy and financially able to stay warm and fed. We have been under stay-at-home orders for at least a month now. In the beginning, the virus wasn’t close and it felt a bit like a vacation. No where to run to in the morning (well maybe to find TP), living in sweatpants, coffee all day, and working at the dinning room table. It was the same feeling as sleeping in the fort we built in the living room when we were kids. Artists jumped on 30 day challenges that flooded Facebook and Instagram, signed up for online class

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